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Cristóbal Rey Band was formed in Berlin in May 2022 when the ​vocalist/charanguist Cristóbal Rey decided to put some songs together ​and record a new solo album. From 2018 the composer was focused on his ​Band Aquafaba, and he felt that it was time to put in motion a new ​project where he could print a more intimate and personal journey.

Rey found assistance in Tomás Peralta (e.bass), David Guy (drums) and ​Giacomo Cantarini (e.guitar).

"Volta a Crescer" ("Growing Again") is a visceral and very unique ​piece of work because it combines many different sound styles and is ​characterized by a very experimental mix of influences. The musical ​colors range from German kraut-rock, progressive and psychedelic rock ​to Bolivian Huayno, indie rock, Brazilian samba and Venezuelan ​merengue reflecting faithfully Rey’s artistic path in the last 20 ​years and the countries he has lived in.

Tomás Peralta


giacomo cantarini


david guy


cristóbal rey


behind the scences

your blood is my blood your voice is my voice ​and your cause is our cause

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